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Air-Filled Stacked-Patch Antenna


S. Sevskiy, W. Wiesbeck, International ITG-Conference on Antennas, ITG-Fachbericht 178, pp. 53-56, Berlin, Germany, September 2003.




This paper presents a new design of a broadband dual-polarized stacked-patch antenna having no dielectric substrates or foam materials. The patches, the groundplane with two excitation slots, and the feed lines of the antenna are cut out of metal sheet. Only some small dielectric spacers, metal posts, and bolts are used to fasten the antenna parts together. The antenna has a relative bandwidth of 24 % with the return losses better than -14 dB at both ports. The port decoupling is better than 32 dB in the entire frequency band. The designed radiator can be
used as a single element of a multi-band base station antenna covering GSM1800/1900, DECT, and UMTS frequency bands.


  • Antennen und -Arrays
  • Antennensysteme
  • HF-Komponenten
  • HF-Schaltungen, -Systeme
  • Beratung und Entwicklung
  • zuverlässig und kompetent


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