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Broadband Dual-Polarized Stacked-Patch Antenna with a High Port Decoupling and DC-Grounded Patches


S. Sevskiy, W. Wiesbeck, 6th European Conference on Wireless Technology, Conference Proceedings, pp. 85-88, Munich, Germany, October 2003.




This paper presents a new design of a broadband dual-polarized stacked-patch antenna with metal supporting posts which provide the DC-grounding of the patches and improve the decoupling between ports. The antenna covers GSM1800/1900, DECT, and UMTS frequency
bands with an input reflection coefficient better than –14 dB and a decoupling between ports better than –31 dB. The excellent port decoupling is achieved by shorting the higher order field components while maintaining the main mode E10 when metal supporting posts are placed in the center of the patches. The antenna is made of low-cost materials and can be used as a mobile antenna or as a single element of a high-gain base station antenna.


  • Antennen und -Arrays
  • Antennensysteme
  • HF-Komponenten
  • HF-Schaltungen, -Systeme
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