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New Class of Multi-Band and Ultra-Wideband Printed Dipole Antennas


S. Sevskiy, W. Wiesbeck, IEE Seminar on Wideband and Multi-Band Antennas and Arrays, pp. 60-63, Birmingham, UK, September, 2005.




This paper presents a new antenna class based on different logarithmic-periodic dipole structures printed on a single dielectric substrate. All the antenna types of this class can be implemented as single-band, multi-band or ultrawideband antennas corresponding to the number of dipole groups combined to an array. The antenna radiation patterns depend on the mutual orientation of individual dipoles resonating at the same frequency. A specially shaped metal reflector can be additionally used in order to change the radiation patterns. V-shaped and pyramidal/conical reflectors have been used for bi-directional and omni-directional antennas, correspondingly. Each type of this new antenna class can be used as a multi-band indoor base station antenna supporting GSM900, GSM1800/1900, DECT, UMTS, UMTS+, WLAN, and WiMAX frequency bands simultaneously.


  • Antennen und -Arrays
  • Antennensysteme
  • HF-Komponenten
  • HF-Schaltungen, -Systeme
  • Beratung und Entwicklung
  • zuverlässig und kompetent


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